Novasome status

Scientific unit

In 2018, we received a confirmation from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of our status as a scientific unit.

We pursue innovation through regular collaboration with research institutes and universities, including the University of Wroclaw, Wroclaw University of Life Sciences and Wroclaw Medical University.

We conduct a number of in-house research projects that have become the backbone of grants, as well as master’s and doctoral theses.

We have been recognised by the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Advanced Technologies and awarded an entry in the album publication “Polish Industrial Science”.

RDC Status

On the 14th of May 2014, by a decision of the Minister of Economy, the company obtained a prestigious status of the Centre for Research & Development.

R&D centre status facilitates the innovation and commercialisation of inventions.

As a company with R&D centre status, we are more likely to obtain funding from various types of grants, both national and international.

As of 2021, only 53 enterprises in Poland have held the R&D centre status.


We were the first company to meet a criteria for becoming a scientific unit, as set by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. We therefore combine the status of an enterprise with that of a public entity.

For this reason, all our scientific data have been entered into an integrated nationwide IT network referred to as “POL-on”, which is the most comprehensive repository of data concerning Polish science and higher education.

GMP system

In 2017, the General Pharmaceutical Inspectorate awarded us with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certificate.

We are a contract manufacturer in the area of quality control testing of a medicinal product and starting material as specified in the quality-contractual agreement.

We are licensed to manufacture medicinal products and to test them in terms of their physico-chemical quality controlling; also to process and modify certain narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.


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