Grants and Patents


1. „Transformation of CBR Novasome Sp. z o.o. into Research and Development Centre”Development of an innovative pilot line and its validation under field conditions using an active substance model synthesis.”

The aim of the project was to develop technological innovations and to verify it in field conditions, using a pilot kilo-lab line, enabling efficient and safe synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s). The scope of the project assumes, among others, designing a technological installation which will enable a wide range of synthesis processes and will monitor the course of individual reactions “on-line”. Implementation of the innovation will contribute to the stability of supply chains and availability of API’s, and hence ensuring drug sovereignty within the EU.

2. “Expansion of the NOVASOME R&D Centre in order to develop innovative projects”

The aim of the project was to develop Novasome R&D Centre by investing in analytical and technological equipment, intangible and intellectual properties and other necessary infrastructure. These would be used to conduct scientific research and develop growth areas, aimed at creating innovative products and services in line with R&D work plan.

3. “Transformation of CBR Novasome Sp. z o.o. into Research and Development Centre”

The aim of the project was to create new laboratories and modernize the existing ones, which enabled the company to expand its services and increase revenue from research activities.


We have been granted a number of patents protecting the formulations we have developed, that contain the following active ingredients:


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