Equal opportunities
for men and woman

At the NOVASOME R&D Centre we promote the principle of equality between men and women. While implementing the project “Extension of the NOVASOME R&D Centre for developing innovative projects” activities have been undertaken to increase equal participation of men and women in employment and career development, overcome gender stereotypes and promote work-life balance.

Novasome R&D Centre ensures that equal opportunities for men and women are achieved in many areas:

  • access to employment
  • career development
  • work-life balance
  • equal sharing of childcare responsibilities between wmen and women
  • o promotion of equality of pay for same work performed

A woman – an icon of success in the innovative economy

At NOVASOME R&D Centre we support our employees in implementation of innovative solutions for broad social and economic practices, for new and better ways of producing goods and services. We recognize women balancing personal life with professional career, actively involved in the innovative processes that ensure competitiveness of the company. The Management Board supports the female potential by promoting a model of a woman – an icon of success in the scientific community.


 Grupa Hasco