Several patents and patent applications
for the formulations with the
following active ingredients:

Development of dozens
of innovative products including:

Forbes Diamond 2016

Forbes Diamonds ranking has been compiled by the D&B which is currently under the Bisnode brand in conjunction with the Forbes magazine’s editors. The ranking includes the most rapidly growing companies in our country. Financial data comes from the official information provided by the companies.

Efficient Company 2015

A business ranking based on the financial performance of companies. It has been created on the basis of analyses of a ratio of net profit to revenue, hence in order to be awarded the winner of the competition an average efficiency of at least 5 percent is required.

Strong Company 2015

According to the rules adopted by the European Business Institute, a company awarded in the same year in both competitions, namely Business Tiger and the Efficient Company also deserves the title of the Strong Reliable Company , as it is growing both dynamically and efficiently. With all competitions, rankings are conducted on the basis of reliable financial data from the National Court Register.

Business Tiger 2015

The aim of the Business Tiger competition, conducted by the European Business Institute, is to promote the most dynamically developing companies, with a particular focus on those whose market value has increased the most in two or three years. A company’s position in the ranking is determined by its financial performance as shown by reliable data from the National Court Register.

Business Gazelles 2015

The title is awarded each year to companies that stand out in the market by promoting innovation and flexibility. Thanks to such qualities these businesses can compete with the strongest players and convince the demanding customers both domestically and internationally.


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