Project POIR.01.01.01-0072-21

Wrocław & Poznań, 30 July 2021 The Project of the Consortium, composed of the Novasome Research and Development Centre and the Pikralida company, has been selected by the National Centre for Research and Development to receive funding under 1/1.1.1/2021 Szybka Ścieżka (‘Fast Track’) competition. The total cost of the Project was set at PLN 9.6…


Novasome R&DC awarded again

Novasome R&DC Sp. z o.o. was awarded by the Institute of European Business in the 10th edition of the 2015 Business Cheetahs Competition, in the 8th edition of the 2015 Effective Company Competition and in the 3rd edition of the 2015 Strong Trustworthy Company Promotion Programme.