Research Laboratory

We use a very large spectrum of advanced analytical techniques, studies of various drug forms that are specific and often unique on a European scale.

Our scope of work includes:

We perform comprehensive testing of the active ingredients (API’s), excipients and products. We reproduce pharmacopoeial methods or develop new, tailored ones.

In addition, we perform packaging structure tests, model tests of permeability for finished packaging materials, as well as tests of the atmosphere inside the packaging.

Our scope of work includes:

Quality Control Laboratory

The Quality Control Laboratory operates under the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) system and is subject to periodic inspections by the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspectorate to ensure the highest quality of work.

Our scope of work includes:

Technologies Laboratory

Our research work is aimed at developing the composition and production processes for medicinal products, dietary supplements and cosmetics.

We run the project right from the selection of the starting materials, through the production of experimental, optimizing and up-scaling series, to implementation series at the target production site.

We design the following formulations:

Project Optimization Department

We comprehensively manage, coordinate and monitor activities related to project development.

We supervise the work, starting from a detailed feasibility study of the idea and the project itself, through to building a comprehensive action plan and an on-going management of the project and the projects’ portfolio.

We also focus on the ongoing process optimization and the development of project monitoring and management tools.

We are also responsible for the overall cooperation with customers, in particular for the ongoing communication, reporting on the work in progress and supervising all required paperwork.

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