Development of
a medicinal product
Qualification of the starting materials, preformulation and deformulation studies, formulation of product composition, development of analytical methods, pre-stability studies, manufacturing process scaling, and stability studies.

and cosmetic development
Qualification of the starting materials, formulation of product composition, development of analytical methods, pre-stability studies, scaling of the manufacturing process, and stability testing.

Development of
analytical methods
Development and optimization of analytical methods using, among others, chromatographic, spectrophotometric, laser diffraction, and microscopic techniques.

Validation of
analytical methods
Validation of analytical methods according to the current ICH and EMA guidelines, preparation of a comprehensive report in Polish or English.

Determination of the manufacturing technology, compatibility testing, testing under stress conditions, release testing, polymorphism testing, particle size and shape testing, solubility and wettability testing.

Stability studies tested long-term (at 25°C, 60%RH) GMP , intermediate (at 30°C, 65%RH), and accelerated (at 40°C, 75%RH), photostability studies, In Use studies.

Development of
registration documentation
Preparing registration documentation of the medicinal products, dietary supplements and cosmetics, in Polish or English, conducting the registration process.

Manufacturing of
Manufacture of various forms of drugs, dietary supplements, cosmetics e.g. tablets, soft capsules, ointments, creams, gels, suspensions, solutions, liquids etc. Use of different manufacturing technologies.

Research problem solving
Research problem solving different types of research problems with the help of staff specialised in many fields and an extensive apparatus park.

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