Novasome – a leader in scientific research in the Lower Silesia

According to the report “Diagnosis and development of trends of the Lower Silesian smart specializations in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry,” conducted by ASM – a Centre for Market Research and Analysis, Novasome exhibits the greatest R&D potential in Lower Silesia.

We are the leading Organisation, ahead of the Wroclaw’s University of Technology Department of Chemistry (Organic and Pharmaceutical Technology Unit) and the Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Novasome has also been recognised as the most potential scientific research unit that can support enterprises operating within the smart specializations “Chemistry and pharmaceuticals”. This was based on the report report titled “Lower Silesia- a region of innovation. Chemical and pharmaceutical industry, high-quality food and natural and secondary resources” developed by the Agency for the Development of Wroclaw Agglomeration S.A. project “Invest in Wroclaw”.

Our high rankings in the reports have been secured by our continuous efforts to develop R&D area such as the development of qualitative-quantitative compositions and technologies for obtaining medicinal products, dietary supplements and cosmetics, as well as our experience in expert services such as the evaluation of the active substance manufacturer’s documentation, drafting of literature and patent studies.

Our notable works include our extensive analytical research package, centred around the development, validation and transfer of analytical methods, testing of the starting materials and final products in accordance with the pharmacopoeial monographs. Moreover, a wide availability of instrumental analysis, chromatography, pharmaceutical availability studies, particle characterization and stability studies, to name a few.


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