The Laboratory of Innovative Medical Technologies (LITM) was created within the company’s structure.

The purpose of LITM is to conduct interdisciplinary research and development, as well as implementation work in order to seek innovative solutions in the field of medicine, biotechnology and related sciences.


Novasome R&DC became a member of the Nutribiomed Cluster, associating a group of enterprises from the food, biotechnological and biomedical sectors.

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By a decision of the Minister of Economy, Novasome R&DC obtained the official status of a Research and Development Centre.

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In 2008, Novasome R&DC received funding for the project Transformation of Novasome R&DC into a Research and Development Centre’.

As part of the project, new laboratories were created, and existing laboratories were expanded and modernised.


Since 2007, a number of research projects carried out by Novasome R&DC have been conducted at the request of P.P.F. Hasco-Lek S.A., including as part of the implementation of the tasks of the Technological Initiative I project co-financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.


In 2006, the company’s shareholder structure changed under another notarial deed. Since then, Polish capital has been fully involved in the company. After this, the main area of ​​the company’s business became research and development projects in the field of medical sciences, pharmacy and cosmetics.

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