The Laboratory of Innovative Medical Technologies (LITM) focus on research and development activities in the field of medicine, biotechnology and related science. The Laboratory was established to promote and conduct multidisciplinary research and to strengthen scientific collaboration with universities, medical centres and other research units.

Our area of interests include initiating and conducting interdisciplinary development and implementation works, as well as scientific research in order to seek innovative medical solutions, in particular:

  • developing new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies to optimise and personalise the treatment process
  • implementing/conducting research aimed at improving medical services and minimising the costs of medical procedures
  • creating medical procedures and implementing new laboratory methods
  • organising and conducting clinical trials for a new drugs and medical devices
  • running training and workshops on the principles of good clinical practice for researchers, doctors and other medical and health specialists
  • preparing and conducting research and development projects
  • promoting the results of research and development projects in Polish and international scientific journals and conferences
  • planning and implementing programmes in the field of protection and promotion of health

The Laboratory of Innovative Medical Technology team consists of biotechnologists, biologists and medical analysts specialising in molecular biology, genetics, immunology, microbiology and medical biology, as well as laboratory diagnosticians, administrative employees and economists.

The team has extensive experience in writing and implementing research grants, and in administering, coordinating and monitoring clinical trials.